Our Values

Biblical Truth

We value Biblical truth instead of cultural relativism. We value the teaching and application of the Bible as the source of truth and the standard for life.

Authentic Communities

We value authentic communities instead of people living in isolation. Compelled by the love of Christ, we value people from diverse nationalities, ethnicities, generations and backgrounds. We want to connect them to God and to one another in growing and authentic communities all over the city and all through the week.


We value innovation instead of preserving the status quo. While the message of the Gospel is timeless, communicating it to an ever changing culture must be continuously reinvented.


We value beauty instead of mediocrity. The beauty of Christ and the glory of God propels us to pursue excellence in all we do.

Service & Participation

We value service & participation instead of spectating. We desire for every person to be involved in worship and service, reflecting their various talents, gifts and unique personalities.