Job: Part 3 – There Is More At Stake

June 21, 2015
Pastor Mattias Haeusel


I hope this series on the book of Job has been helpful to you, and you are connecting with Jesus on a deeper level. These last few weeks have been both enriching as well as emotionally challenging for me personally as I have been preaching through the book of Job and in some ways relive some of the emotional trauma of my own story.

Preparing and preaching the messages on the book of Job have also newly challenged me to evaluate my heart, my attitudes and my theology afresh! I hope that is true for you as well.

Job 32-42

Job’s Conversation with Elihu

Please discuss these 7 REASONS FOR SUFFERING

1. Suffering is part of the human condition

2. Suffering weans us from the comfort of the world

3. Suffering instills in us the hope of heaven

4. Suffering can be corrective

5. Suffering teaches us empathy and softens our heart

6. Suffering can be cosmic

7. Suffering provides an opportunity for God to be glorified

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