Job: Part 4 – Seeing God In Suffering

June 28, 2015
Pastor Cam Huxford

I really enjoyed getting to preach Job 38-42 on Sunday. I really love being a part of this church. I love our community.

Job 38-42

Responding in faith:

1 – Are you trusting God? Are you resting in the fact that he is in control of your life? Are you anxious about when things feel out of your control? What situation of your life do you need to realize is in God’s hands.

Responding in taking comfort in God’s presence:

2 – Are you comforted by God’s sovereignty? Are you comforted by his love for you? Do you experience God’s presence in your daily life? Are you spending time just being with God? Do you see God as a loving father?

Responding in repentance:

3 – What do you need to repent of? What do you need to confess in community? In what areas are you distrusting God? Do you feel the freedom to bring your questions and your sin to God?

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